Virtual Credit card

  1. Our Virtual card is USA top Bank
  2. You can use them for adword, Bing, Amazon and other purchases.
  3. IF not work we will give u refund
  4. we have different BIN VCC
  5. Short time delivery
  6.  For Use Online Shopping
  7.  For Use PayPal Verification without Bank Account
  8.  For Use Payza Verification without Bank Account
  9.  For Use Buy Own Domain .com .net etc…
  10.  For Use All internet Where Accepted Visa
  11.  This Card will be expired After 1 Year
  12.  you can get Full monthly statements of your purchase
  13. No Extra Charges For Apply this Card

Contact details:

skype id: verizonpvas

4 thoughts on “Virtual Credit card

  1. I buy the usa number and VCC cards for google adwords thats works full geniunely, full satisfaction and cheap service, love your services guys

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